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Cebu Scuba Boat

Scuba Diving in Cebu: This last summer 2016 my family and I took a short trip to Cebu to look into some real estate, and to take a dive into the bluest ocean around. I was somewhat disappointed in our hotel, however the space was quite nice and all four of us slept in a two room suite. However the location had a lot to be desired. Now flash forward to the last trip. We stayed at Allegra beach resort on the far side of Cebu and our stay was excellent. We had several activities to include the following.  

1. Small party with the guests on the beach to include dinner full buffet with live music and a fire show. Video is listed here Cebu Fire Dance Show 

2. Scuba trip with two dives out off of Cebu on a small island. We took a fairly large crew of two dive maters, three boat crew members, chief and assistant, and the boat captain.

3. BBQ on shore of the small island with a wonderful feast of local Filipino cuisine very local and very fresh.

4. Resort grounds are great with WIFI throughout so we where able to update social media during our whole stay there.

5. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was great with local choices as well. We cannot thank the resort more for their hospitality, and great customer service during our stay. The staff, and the management always helped us and assisting us in all of our endeavors. 

So stop by and get new ideas for your next adventure.

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