Sea World: San Diego, California, USA

Sea World
Sea World

Sea World: Orlando,California,USA

Sea World, is a San Diego experience that if fun and thrilling. Spend the day or several days. Ride the ray on the awesome roller coaster, Manta. There are lots of rides and many special attractions. Experience many live shows and other enchanting encounters such as Turtle Reef. Shark Encounter is both thrilling and amazing. This park is all about some amazing animals. There are Marine giants like dolphins and whales to the smaller penguins and sea lions. The Bottlenose Dolphins are fantastic and friendly. Sea World is the place to be!

One of the most amazing programs is the Dolphin Interaction Program. Book with a loved one and you will make lasting memories together. Learn with others how to communicate with these intelligent creatures. Watch as they relate to the hand signals that you learn. This is the land of play! This is the language of love and contentment. Welcome to Sea World.

Have you ever considered touching and feeding a whale? Join other guests as you learn to communicate with a Beluga Whale. These whales live in the cold Arctic waters. Few places in the world allow close up encounters with these unique and loving animals. Come play with a whale. It is fun! It is rare!
Sea world California is located at:

500 Sea World Drive, San Diego, CA 92109

Sea World is accessible by bus or city trolley. For schedules and routes please call (619) 685-4900.

Those living in the South can experience Sea World Orlando. Sea World Celebration Orlando is teaming with fun and excitement. One of the special attractions is the antarctica: Empire of the Penguins. This is an amazing program and is delightful for all ages. Learn all you can about these fantastic penguins and their arctic world of ice and snow. How intriguing this is!

Some of the fantastic stars of Sea World Celebration Orlando are sting rays, turtles, killer whales, penguins, Manatees and Dolphins. Have you ever considered swimming with a Dolphin? Meet our beautiful birds, including the gorgeous flamingos. Meet all the different parrots that call Sea World home. What fun it is to talk to a parrot! Sea World is exciting and fun!
Sea World Celebration Orlando is located at:

7007 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, FL 32821 1-888-800-5447

Whether you choose to join us on the West Coast, or in Sunny Florida, Sea World is an experience you will not soon forget. It is amazing! It is fun! It is Sea World, USA.  No passport is necessary for US citizens, so pack your bags and join us at the Marina. Let Seaworld be your destination in this coming year.

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