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One of my joys has been to meet other people, and to teach them what has been happening within crypto-currency. There are many coins out there, and each of us have the community of people that we enjoy within our crypto life.

I am apart of several communities, but my most enjoyable has been the superior coin community. What stands out the most for me has been it’s willingness to consider new ideas, and the ability similar to others like Steemit to spread the word around the world. Our community is very young, and we launched the coin at a low level. Over the last couple of months it is growing in price, and has been listed on three exchanges. is where I like to buy and has liquidity.

Listen to “Wild markets Superior Coin Verge and more” on Spreaker.

Some of the areas have allot of colleges, and community universities. The young students, and faculty are eager to discuss this new and up-coming industry. I like talking about Steemit, and Superior coin since they compliment each other. We often get invited to discuss things more over coffee or at different businesses.

We have found miners in back of coffee shops, personal homes, small offices, and even within radio stations. People like to keep a low profile but don’t really keep it 100% secret. All of these people have friends and family, and love hearing about new crypto-currencies, and how a Steemit writer earn STEEM and SBD.

So consider the communities you enjoy within crypto and go out and share them with others. Help be apart of something huge, and earn some profits along the way.

Learn more about Superior Coin by following the links below.

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