Shei-pa National Park, Taiwan

Shei-pa National Park

By Shei-pa National Park is the wonderland of trails for hikers of all abilities and is located just slightly  north of central Taiwan. There are more than 100 peaks that challenges those who come to Taiwan to climb each year and 19 of  Taiwan’s best are located in  Shei-pa National Park. In total, this climbers paradise boosts  51 major peaks located within this majestic park ,which is also home to more than 1,135 species of plant life. Shei-pa has  something for everyone in terms of the length of the trail, the difficulty of the climb, the time allotted, and the desired accommodations . One of the most basic accommodations is the camping site seen in the above photo, requiring  only a simple tent and a light sleeping bag.  The park campground provides basic platforms  for simple camping, a shelter for your gear, and all this in the midst of beautiful groves of  fantastic Oak Trees and other native foliage. You can enjoy these majestic oaks, endless soft  fluffy clouds that linger in the air, and the light breezes as you rest from an active day of strenuous climbing.

Shei-pa National Park provides  a web site where all the safety rules can be found together with a complete description of each trail. There is also a list of different shelters available in addition to the camping facility. The web site also provides you with the rules for using the park, what to bring, and the needed instructions on how to register for the climb. There is a limit to the number of climbers allowed on the trails at one time, so registration is required. Safety is a priority and the park requests that you read and understand the safety rules.

Safety should always be your number one concern and it is good to be aware of the altitude changes within the park.  Always ascend gradually  when hiking within the park allowing your body time to fully acclimate. If you should show any signs of altitude illness descend in elevation quickly. Altitude sickness is the result of the reduced atmospheric pressure as you ascend the mountain and the lower oxygen levels that accompany it. Prevention is always your best goal, so ascend slowly and allow your body time to  acclimatize to the higher mountain  altitude.

The park is open daily, though the interpretive films are not shown on Mondays, as this is the day that maintenance is done.  is the main web site of the park and you will find instructions for driving to this unique mountain experience in Taiwan.

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