Shihtiping, Taiwan: Coral Reefs And Volcanic Rock

Shihtiping Taiwan
Coastal coral reefs and volcanic rock lace the beaches of :Shihtiping Taiwan

Shihtiping, Taiwan: Coral Reef Beaches

Shihtiping, Taiwan, Oh what beauty! Just a short drive out of Hualien on Highway 11 is Shihtiping, Taiwan. These are some of the most amazing views of anywhere on the island. The volcanic rock beaches are out of this world. Nothing prepares you for the fantastic views found in Shihtiping. It is so isolated! It is raw beauty! It is Shihtiping.

After several days in Hsinchu and Taipei, you begin to see the island as a very busy place. When you get to Hualien, it is so relaxed and special. What a breath of fresh air Hualien is. Hualien is located in the mountains of Taiwan. It’s rustic isolation makes it seem almost too good to be true. Then you head for the beach and you see some of the most fantastic natural rock beaches in the world.  In the background are those beautiful central mountain ranges. The scenery is unique and stunning!

Shihtiping has some of the most fantastic coral beaches in Taiwan. In Shihtiping you can observe the natural coastal geology. The marine ecology is awesome.Do you like to snorkel? This is a snorkelers dream beach. With the large varieties of coral found in Taiwan and the many hundreds of species of fish calling it home, it is no wonder snorkelers love Shihtiping.

While at Shihtiping, check out the visitors information center. It is extremely educational and has many explanations of the local sea life and vegetation. It is small, but extremely well done. This is also the sight of the stone stairs that lead out into the protected bay toward the ocean. Shihtiping is one of the most interesting ocean views on the island.

What are you waiting for? Make this the year you visit Taiwan. It is one of the friendliest countries and the natural beauty is amazing. Check out the websites below for more information on other great places to see in Taiwan.






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