Shopping South Of The American-Mexican Border In Photos

Crossing Into Mexico From San Diego

With nothing to declare and proper ID, the border crossing is a breeze. It is important to bring your passport as even if you enter Mexico without it, you will need it to re-enter the United States.

 Bargain shopping for quality handmade Leather Goods In Tijuana, Mexico 

With so many leather shops and a lot to choose from, it will take hours to find that perfect hat or belt.

Fun With Friends Outside The Leather Factory

Colorful Mexican Pottery

Colorful earthenware pots go back centuries in Mexico. Color is everywhere, and the more the better.

Shopping Is So Much Fun

With bargains everywhere, you can easily shop till you drop. Shopping is always fun, when there are bargains where ever you go.

 Smoky Spicy Good Authentic Mexican Beef Arrachera With Guacamole 

Every good trip across the border comes to an end, but before you leave, try a good local Beef Arrachera With Guacamole. It is the perfect end to that perfect Tijuana shopping trip.


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