Smokey Grilled Cuttlefish Delicacies

Smokey Grilled Cuttlefish

Smokey Grilled Cuttlefish Delicacies

Smokey Grilled Cuttlefish is alive on the grill in Southern Taiwan. It is the best of the best! This is the land of serious eats. The aroma of grill smoke waffles through the air. Dark grill marks penetrate the fish. The fish glistens in the market. The edges curl slightly as it cooks on the grill. A little salt,  and a touch of pepper. ……your smokey grilled Cuttlefish is ready to go.

Taiwan gets an amazing amount of Cuttlefish. The Southern tip of Taiwan is marked with many grill stations. These smokey grilled cuttlefish skewers are everywhere in the South. This is the land of serious eats. Smokey Grilled Cuttlefish are just the beginning.  A perfect Taiwanese winter warm-up is thick Cuttlefish Soup. It is stewed in a thick broth of herbs and vegetables. It is a Taiwanese winter favorite. It warms the body and the soul! Pair it with a skewer of smokey grilled cuttlefish on the side, and you are on your way.

Small eats are all the go in Taiwan. Though some people like to eat three meals a day, that is not the norm. The Taiwanese love to graze their way through the day. The streets are full of snacks to tide you over till you embark on the next snack. You can literally snack your way through Taiwan. Why be limited to three meals a day? Think like a Taiwanese, and eat your way through the day. Join the Taiwanese in a culinary love affair. Indulge in the art of gourmet snacking.

As you are preparing to leave on your Taiwanese culinary adventure, you will need three things. Your passport, your money, and a love of food. Pack your bag lightly, as there are plenty of island gifts to take home.  This is the land of gourmet eats. Smokey Grilled Cuttlefish is an island favorite; But it is only one of the fabulous snacks of Taiwan.

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  1. Just recently spent 3 months living in Taiwan and the food is the best. I recommend to all :)

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