Southern Leyte Philippines

Southern Leyte

Southern Leyte Coral Reefs
Southern Leyte Coral Reefs

Southern Leyte Philippines: Let’s Go Diving!

Southern Leyte, the  destination  for much of the Explore Traveler team this Christmas season 2014. Merry Christmas from the heart of the Diving Capital Of The World! It is a beautiful day to go for a dive! The tropical climate of the Philippines is pleasant and nice…..the gentle breezes blow. The Coral Triangle is alive with over 2, 228 different species of fish, and 76% of the worlds coral species. The diver often will be treated to several different species of turtles. These warm waters are home to 6 out of 7 of the Turtle species in the world. The dolphins love to play in the waters and the Whale Sharks pass through, as they migrate through the triangle. These awesome Whale Sharks linger in the area for several months, taking advantage of the abundant food. What is there not to love about the Southern Leyte?

Diving Resorts In The Southern Leyte

Padre Burgos Castle Resort Hotel in southern Leyte is a family owned high quality resort. Located in a small village that is laid back, the visitor is quickly able to become a part of this friendly community.  Padre Burgos is a peaceful farming and fishing village and welcomes you to their quaint little village. The accommodations  are excellent and the food is said to be some of the best on the island. The diving is world-class in this divers paradise.

Sogod Bay Scuba Resort is located in Padre Burgos and is waiting to show you all the excitement that any diver could desire. The accommodations are excellent and all that you need is on site. The coral reefs are teeming with fish, and the area is rich in shelves, ledges and cliffs that drop off into the sea. The awesome gardens of coral are alive with life. Definitely a divers paradise.

So where in this diving wonderland will you spend your next diving vacation? Not a diver? No problem, snorkeling is abundant and fun and needs no special classes. The Southern Leyte is waiting to show you all the excitement of the Coral Reefs. Today is the day to make your travel plans. For more information, check out our website at:

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