Spokane River: Washington USA

Spokane River

Spokane River: Washington USA

Spokane River, “Gateway To The American West,” must be one of the most spectacular rivers in the USA. Just 111 miles long, it is a tributary of the Columbia River. It begins at Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene. This is a magnificent lake in the Pan Handle of Idaho. Leaving Idaho, the Spokane River flows through Spokane, Washington. What amazing beauty! Only a few cities in the US are privileged to have such a beautiful river gorge flow through it’s urban landscape. From here it makes its way to the Columbia River. What a fantastic opportunity this is. The river is extremely gorgeous. Fisherman living in the urban area of Spokane, need not travel far to fish.  Boaters, rafters, canoes with excited paddlers, and many other water sports find fantastic adventure on the Spokane River. The Spokane River is a gem shared by Idaho and Washington. It is an urban river waiting to be explored.

So what is the river like in the city? It flows by an opera house and then through a park at the river’s side. Here you can also witness the magnificent Spokane Falls. If you really want to see the beauty of the  Spokane River go on downstream for about a half mile. Here is where the river begins to make its journey through the beautiful canyon that it calls home for about 8 miles. At this point you will see some of the most exciting Basalt rock formations. You will see many exciting shapes including the Bowl and Pitcher. There are amazing Basalt cliffs! These cliffs are magnificent. The forest is fantastic with towering evergreens, including the Ponderosa Pine Tree. In this amazing urban play ground you will see beautiful Eagles and Osprey flying above you. How utterly amazing! Just think, you are only a few minutes from downtown Spokane.

Those who enjoy hiking will find many options for beautiful day hikes. When you get to Bowl and Pitcher, cross the swinging bridge and then either choose to hike to the right or the left. Both are short well-marked trails suitable for family outings. These are beautiful and well kept urban trails! All this and more, just outside the city.

Those that want to relax, can do so on it’s lovely banks. At Spokane River Park, you will find plenty of places to read a book or paint a picture. Bring the whole family and picnic in the park. Dad, there are BBQ grills to grill the catch of the day. The park has wide open places for a good game of volleyball. What ever your desire, you will find it on the river.

Experienced rafters enjoy the raging white water in the spring and early summer. What a beautiful and fantastic adventure. In the latter summer the water levels drop for the season and it becomes an easy trip for beginning rafters. You will also see many different ponds and scenic opportunities. The Spokane River is an urban delight. It is perhaps the most beautiful urban river in the United States. Whether you come for the day or a week, there is plenty of action for all, on the Spokane River.









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