The Steller Sea Lions Of Florence Oregon USA

 Steller Sea Lions Resting Along The Rocky Shores Of Sea Lion Caves In Florence, Oregon 

Just eleven miles north of Florence is America’s largest sea cave. You can not miss the roar of the Sea Lions as you near the sight. The loud roar echos throughout the caves, the wailing is unique to this species. This is an unique and wild set of caves with magnificent rocks on the ocean edge. This is the home of some of America’s wildest creatures and their roars can be deafening.

Sea Lion Cave is home to many creatures of the Pacific Northwest. Many birds call this preserve home. This preserve has protected many species of birds and marine life since 1932, This is the year around home of the Steller Sea Lion, but there is no promise they will be in the cave. They are wild marine animals and they come and go as they desire.  During the long winters there will usually be many in the caves seeking the protection from the weather. During the spring and summer, you may see more on the rocky shoreline, as they breed and give birth. You will also spot many out in the ocean and on the rocky ledges near the lighthouse.

The caves are open daily except on Thanksgiving and Christmas. They close at noon the day before and remain closed for both of these holidays. They open at 9:00 am and close at 7:00 pm daily, unless the weather forces an unforeseen closure.

While in the area, you will find many other things to enjoy. The tall sand dunes are always a fun place to rent dune buggies and enjoy some fun in the sand. When finished for the day, check out the many Fish Huts and Chowder Houses for some spectacular seafood.

Today is an excellent time to explore the Oregon Coast and include a Steller Sea Lion adventure in your day. Adventure is often in your own back yard.


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