Storm Clouds Over Beautiful San Diego

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds Over Beautiful San Diego

Storm Clouds can be beautiful in the skies of San Diego. San Diego is a beautiful small city in the Southern part of California. Southern California is filled with adventure. It has almost perfect weather.It’s climate is a Mediterranean climate and it is rarely above 90 degrees in the summer. Neither does it’s temperature plunge below freezing in the winter.  It does, however, have days with storm clouds rising above the hills. These beautiful white storm clouds only add to the beauty of this magnificent city. While storm clouds are not unusual in Southern California, they rarely bring about storms. So take a walk on the beach! Spend the day at the zoo! Take a hike into the hills! San Diego is the perfect place to be!

San Diego, like many other places on the sea, often has morning clouds. These morning clouds generally burn off by mid-day. Once they have burnt off, what is left is beautiful sunny and blue skies. On occasion, the blue skies are filled with fluffy white storm clouds. Some continue to develop into storms and others just grace the already beautiful skies with even more beauty. These are perfect days to take a cruise or go fishing!

Mix these beautiful clouds with the colors of the sunset, and you have arrived in Heaven. There is nothing any more beautiful than a few storm clouds with the beautiful colors of the setting sun.  Take  time to walk on the beach. Explore the coastal towns. Enjoy the perfect dinner!  This is a city that never sleeps!

San Diego, California has the perfect weather for a winter playground. If you are looking for a mild place to spend your winter vacation, then look no farther than San Diego, California. San Diego, is loaded with opportunities for adventure. Explore water parks, theme parks, and zoos. Take a cruise, or relax on the beach. Here in Southern California, you will find the perfect winter weather to enjoy them all.

For those who prefer to come during the summer months, relax and enjoy San Diego’s mild summers. San Diego really does have the perfect climate for fun filled vacations. Make this the year you visit San Diego, California USA. Explore the many coastal towns! Some are small and quaint! Others are filled with art! There are many outstanding beaches. Go surfing! Take a dip in the sea!  Take a walk on the wild side!  San Diego, California is the perfect travel destination……one where the storm clouds only make the skies more beautiful!

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