Sunflower Splendor In Southern California


Sunflower Splendor In Southern California

Sunflower splendor is alive in Southern California. The California Sunflower is a large and beautiful flower.  It is native to California. The Sunflower is important  in the United States Of America. It is also native to Baja California in Mexico. It is a very adaptive flower and is able to grow in  many different environments.  This large Sunflower sends it’s flower stems from 3 to 10 feet in the air.  The beautiful green leaves can be as long as eight inches. The Sunflower is a large and amazing flower. This beautiful plant is almost all completely edible. Long before the Europeans came to America, the Native Americans cultivated this flower as food.

Sunflower sprouts are one of the many ways to enjoy this beautiful and highly nutritious flower. When planting Sunflowers in the garden, when the seedlings emerge, they must be thinned. These seedlings can be added to salads as sprouts. They are also excellent in stir-frys! Amazing nutrition from the garden!

Another delicious part of the Sunflower plant are the leaves. They are excellent in salads, can be added to teas, and are amazing in stir-frys! They are also excellent boiled and seasoned with salt and pepper. Take out the heavy center stem and they will not be tough. Sunflower leaves are an exciting addition to any meal.

When the flowers are in bud stage, you can pick them for cooking. Take the bitter green part off that is around the bud. Steam the buds and then serve with butter.

The most common way to eat this delicious plant it to pick the Sunflower and let the flower head dry naturally. When it is dry the seeds can be removed easily by hand. They are excellent eaten raw! They can also be baked in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Cool and add salt. They are a very nutritious snack. Children love them! Adults can’t get enough!

The next time you travel to California, make it a Sunflower adventure! Watch for the humble Sunflower, they grow everywhere. It is a very healthy way to eat. It is time to munch your way through California. They are amazing nutrition! They make a great snack! They are  a native of California!

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