How to survive the extreme Low Temperatures of Alaska


How cold is it in Alaska?

The low temperatures can range from -40 to -60 in the winter.

This dry cold air can burn skin in seconds!  Touching anything with uncovered skin could be one of the worst mistakes you make.

So how do you survive a trip to Alaska during the brutal freezing winter?

Let’s explore a few easy tips to keep you safe, and survive the extreme low temperatures of Alaska.

1.  Have enough warm clothes to protect you from the cold, without sweating.

2.  Always wear warm hat.  It is amazing that up to fifty percent of your body heat is lost through your head.  Your brain is also very sensitive to cold weather, it becomes harder to concentrate and make good judgements.

3.  Wrap your face with a warm scarf.  In Alaska’s cold temperatures, the air is hard on your lungs, making breathing very difficult.  As a bonus, the cold air instantly freezes the mucus in your nose.  Yes folks, frozen boogers!  

4.  Cover all areas of your skin so you don’t get frost bite.  Extreme cold can turn into a severe burn fast!  The simple task of filling your gas tank can be impossible and painful without a simple pair of gloves.

5.  Goggles help your eyes stay protected and moist, especially if there is wind.

6.  Your feet needs insulated boots, the snow and ice you are walking on are very unforgiving.  (If you are wearing dress shoes for work, always carry your snow boots in the car.)

7.  If you need to go to the toilet, don’t try it outdoors.  Can you say “OUCH!”

 8.  Carry survival gear incase your car breaks down.  A sleeping bag, extra warm clothes, matches, candles, a first aid kit, a flashlight or two, a shovel, some water, food and extra things that meet your lifestyle.

9.  Don’t get drunk and try to walk home.  Many have tried and died frozen in their tracks.  They become Alaska’s mile-markers in the winter.

It is better not to go out in an extreme cold environment if you can avoid it.  

Stay indoors and enjoy the view, uniquely Alaska!

Respect the cold ~ you will be glad you did!

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