Taal Volcano Luzon Philippines

Taal Volcano Luzon Phillipines
Taal Volcano Luzon Philippines

Taal Volcano: Smallest Active Volcano

Taal Volcano is the smallest volcano in the world. This volcano is also considered the deadliest of Philippine active volcanoes. Almost 6,ooo people have lost their lives due to her violent eruptions and pyroclastic flows. It has gone off 33 times, the last time in 1977! This makes it the second active volcano in the Philippines. It is one of the most beautiful active volcanoes anywhere in the world. Situated on Luzon Island in the Philippines, this stately volcano sits in the middle of Taal Lake. What make it even more unique is that Taal Volcano also has its own lake. Nestled in the middle of Taal Volcano is Crater Lake. This volcano is one of the world’s unique tourist locations.

Taal Volcano can be reached by boat from Talisay. Those wanting to go up to the crater can then proceed by horseback or on foot. It takes about 20 minutes by horseback to reach Crater Lake. Can you imagine the thrill of the ride up to the crater? Those with a little extra energy can choose to take the hike up the path. It takes about 1 hour to hike up to the crater. The climb can be rather steep for less energetic climbers. Those who are not seasoned climbers will be happier on horseback. The scenery is breathtaking! The ride exhilarating! The experience is one you will never forget!

Crater Lake is a sulfuric lake that may have medical properties. Many people have soaked in it’s healing waters, or even gone swimming. The bravest of the brave have even dived in Crater Lake. Those scuba divers have certainly had a unique experience. For those who are willing to pay the price and take the risk, there are rental houses to be had in Batangas City. Many choose to spend a few days soaking in the natural beauty of the area. The beauty of the area is amazing. Crater Lake is also home to the worlds only fresh water sardine and freshwater sea snake. There is a very diverse amount of plant life on Volcano Island. Indeed, any trip to Taal Volcano will be memorial. So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to spend one day or three, you will want to visit Taal Volcano. Grab your passport and pack your bag and we will see you in Talisay, for the adventure of a lifetime.



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