Taipei Taiwan and it’s Tea Farms

Wanshin Village

Taipei Taiwan is made of up of 12 districts, with its southernmost district being Wenshan District. The district is made up of many folk villages and tea plantations. The climate of Wenshan District is extremely pleasant and warm year around. The humidity of the area is quite high, making it famous for high quality Tieguanyin Tea. Tieguanyin Tea is the most well known tea in the area, but many of the different teas of Taiwan are grown in the district.

Tea farms in the area can be put into one of three groups. The Jingmei Farmers’ Association is in charge of the farms in the city. Muzha Farmers’Association is in control of the many sightseeing tea gardens. The other group of tea farms are the individual tea farmers in the many small villages of the area. In the above picture you see a small tea farm in the village of Wanshin.

In Wanshin village, as in all the villages of Wenshan District, you will see numerous hilly slopes. It is on these hilly slopes that the best tea is grown. In these small villages you will see many small tidy tea gardens and large vegetable patches. There is an old Chinese proverb that translated says:” a family’s seven basic necessities were firewood, rice, oil, sauce, vinegar, and tea.” Growing tea in Taiwan has never been a hobby, but rather, it is an essential part of daily life. Tea is one of the seven necessities for every Taiwanese or Chinese home.

There are many sightseeing farms in the district. These farms are usually free to visit and tea can be purchased direct from the farmer. Some farms also have teahouses where the tea is prepared to drink on site. Since the water has to be hauled up on the back of the workers, a small water fee is usually charged.

While visiting the many tea gardens of the Wenshan District, you might also enjoy the Taipei City Zoo. Currently there are two pandas on loan from mainland China at the zoo. There are also many historic Temples in the tea area of the district. Tian En Temple and Chang Shan Temple are the two best known of the temples in the tea area.

The tea district is severed by bus numbers 236, 237, 611, Zhinan 1, Zhinan 2, and Zhinan 3. Buses run frequently throughout the tea area and stop wherever tourists desire. With this easy transportaion, the tea farms of Taipei Taiwan are a must see while on the island.

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