Taiwan and It’s Farms

Small Taiwanese Farm
Small Taiwanese Farm



“I used to think that the farmers’ job is to grow rice. Now I realize that what we have planted without notice is our heart…We are the one who know the land best, because the distance between our heart and her is shortest.” By I-fan Lin and published in Global Voices  8 January 2009

Taiwan and It’s Farms

Taiwan and it’s farms: bonded in love, planted with joy, and harvested with abundance . The Taiwanese farmer grows everything that his family needs, from rice and vegetables to tea and coffee. Most, have a small fruit orchard off to the side. These farms are lush and green and you can see the heart of the farmer in every row.Taiwan and it’s farms are a work of love. The farmer works his land from sunrise to sunset, caring for every need of the land, and then the harvest. They diligently preserve the rice, tea, vegetables, and fruit for family use, and the surplus is taken to the morning market. In this way, the farmer is able to provide for his family and the community he serves.

The most important crops to the farmer is rice and tea. Rice and tea are staples in every Chinese and Taiwanese home. There is an old Chinese proverb that translated says:” a family’s seven basic necessities are firewood, rice, oil, sauce, vinegar, and tea.” The Taiwanese farmer uses every possible corner of land to make sure that he has a bountiful harvest. After sufficient land is set aside for tea and rice, the orchard is laid out and the vegetables planted. No piece of land lays to waste, as land is food.Taiwan and it’s farms , where the heart is planted, and the harvest is plenty.

No trip to Taiwan is complete without touring the countryside. It is there that you will find the soul of Taiwan. The Taiwanese farmers,  the land they farm, the morning markets, and  the communities they serve, all work together to form the heart and soul of Taiwan. Taiwan and it’s farms  are lush, green, and meticulously cared for. The heart of the farming area is in the Yilan Mountains. Here hundreds of small family farms dot the landscape. On your next trip to Taiwan, take a day, and visit the breadbasket of Taiwan. Visit the farmers, seek out the morning market, and touch, the heart of the farm.

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