Taiwan Medical Care

Medical Care in Taiwan:


Medical care is very modern but without all of the political correctness that you find with western doctors, and the system as a whole. This does make things move much faster; but to the untrained eye can seem a little strange. They do have socialized medicine however with tight immigration control and with costs staying on the low side of inflation it seems to work well here. Their mental attitude against financial waste seems to make a major difference.

Taiwan Medical Card:

If you are a citizen or working in Taiwan with a work permit you will have a Taiwan insurance card. Since you pay taxes this is one of your benefits. This will reduce your cost by as much as 20% or more depending on what you needed.

Everyone else pay full price in cash (This is still significantly cheaper than the USA) after your appointment or service is completed.

Dental Services:

Going to the dentist is fast and cheaper as well with appointment times very reasonable. A new state of the art crown with run about 24, 000 NTD cash.


If your medication is standard over the counter a pharmacy will most likely carry it, and if manufactured in Taiwan may be significantly cheaper as well.

Something to note for US travelers is that US customs may not allow you to bring large amounts of medication back to the US so check the latest regulations on this issue. Now mailing a package home may be a way around this.

Normal Doctors Visit:

Around 8:30AM I get my ticket to the line for an appoint that morning. I then receive information from the clerk that shows what doctor and clinic number. This will have a number assigned, and if it is under 50 should get in by 1pm. Now there are applications I have not used yet that will allow you to monitor where they are in regards to this number.

Doctors get right down to the point here, and will either treat you, give you medicine, or send you to another doctor. Costs here are very reasonable, and are paid in cash after doctors visit or before you pickup medication.

There is no extra paperwork or insurance paperwork unless you are on overseas insurance; if so better keep all receipts and ask for the doctor to print out his report for your records. If you require x-rays then pay the fee for a copy to take home with you.


Mackay Memorial Hospital Hsinchu, Taiwan

Hsinchu 30071, No. 690, Sec
. No.690, Sec 2, Guangfu Rd, East Dist, Hsinchu City 30071, Taiwan (ROC)
Tel: +886-3-611-9595; Fax: +886-3-611 -0900; E-mail: service@ms7.mmh.org.tw


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