Taiwan Night Markets

Fun to eat at Taipei Raohe Night Market in Taiwan 饒河夜市Taiwan night markets are one of the fabulous places to visit while in Taiwan. These popular and exciting markets are major tourist destinations among foreign tourists and locals alike. The night markets have become well known for xiaochi or literally “small eats.” A popular approach is to simply wander through the market and graze from many different sellers. Buying a little something from several different sellers is the common practice. In this way you can taste the wares of several market chefs for less than 10.00 USD and come away full.

Many of Taiwan’s Night Markets also have small restaurants. These mini restaurants allows you to have a sit down meal of several courses without having to consume your way through an entire market of sellers. However, most of the charm of the market experience is the mingling with the local people who cook the delicacies. While sit down restaurants are convenient and easy, you do miss a lot of the charm of the market place.

While the foods available at Taiwan’s Night Markets are subject to change from season to season, there are some xiaochi foods that are market standbys. Some of the major foods almost always sold at the market are Oyster Omelets, Stinky Tofu (a Chinese specialty), and Chicken Shawarma. Taiwan is also well known for its Dan Zai Noodles and each city’s market will have their own specialties for the area.

While most of the cities have a night market, several of the larger cities of Taiwan are known for their particular markets. Taiwan’s Night Markets are a standard fixture and Taipei is no exception with several well known markets in the city. One of my favorites is the Taipei Raohe Night Market. This is the oldest market in the city and one of the smallest in Taipei. Raohe has mostly food with tables and chairs in the center of the market, the Temple at one end, and shoppers streaming down each side of the market. Taiwan’s Night Markets are a Taiwanese way of life that you should not miss.

Enclosing a web site where you will find a list of some of the major markets in the many cities of  Taiwan. Each market is listed by city,  it’s speciality, and the address and directions. Everything you need is here to enjoy Taiwan’s Night Markets. It is a Taiwanese way of life. See you at the market!



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