Taiwan’s Red Lanterns Of Good Fortune

Red lanterns of Good Fortune
Red lanterns of Good Fortune

Taiwan’s Red Lanterns: Prosperity For The New Year

Taiwan’s Red Lanterns symbolize wide-spread wealth and far-reaching prosperity. They are dynamic in nature ! They are the color of enthusiasm, joy, happiness, and long life. Red brings good luck, fame, and  prosperity for the coming year. Red is the symbol of recognition in the community, family wealth, good health, and creativity for the individual.

Red is the traditional color for brides to wear on their wedding day. How fitting it is to begin your marriage dressed in a color that symbolizes all that any bride could want for their future marriage. In the same way, Red lanterns symbolize all that you can hope for in the New Year.

Taiwan’s Red Lanterns gained their meaning from fire in ancient China. Fire is a good thing in Chinese and Taiwanese thought. The Chinese have a saying that goes: “hóng hóng huǒ huǒ.” This translates “red, red, fire, fire.” The meaning of this expression is that your life will expand, prosper, crackle, and sky-rocket like a red flame.

These are the characteristics of red that have been acquired over time. Today red is the primary color of choice for celebrations in Taiwan and China, especially for the Lunar New Year.  Taiwan’s Red Lanterns will be on every Chinese home and most of the other homes as well. There will be lanterns for sale everywhere and displays of lanterns in every major city. There are many famous events, each involving the red lantern. Every city has it’s own display of events for the New Year. If you have never been to a Chinese New Year Celebration, this is a must do before you die. You have never seen such joy that explodes into the air for days, until you celebrate Chinese New Years. A current list of events for 2015 follows below to help you plan your 2015 New Year’s vacation. In the future the same site should be updated for each year.  Taiwan’s Red Lanterns are waiting for you this New Year. The time to book your trip is now!

Chinese New Year in 2015 is on 2/19/2015–in future years it will always be the 1st lunar day of 1st Chinese lunar month.

The Chinese Lantern Festival comes at the end of Chinese New Year. Lantern Festival in 2015 is on 3/5/2015—-in future years it will be the 15th lunar day of the 1st Chinese lunar month.



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