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 shells over Formosa Strait in Taiwan
The shells over Formosa Strait in Taiwan

Shells Over Taiwan Strait In Taiwan

Taiwan Strait or Formosa Strait is the water between the mainland and the Island of Taiwan. It is also known as the Black Ditch. It is about 110 miles long. The narrowest part of the strait is 81 miles wide. This is what separates the mainland of China from Taiwan.  Much of the Chinese on the North of the  island speak Mandarin Chinese. The main culture for those Northern Chinese is the same as in China. That being said, the strait is the main thing that separates the island Chinese from the mainland Chinese.  Of coursearrow other parts of the island speak Taiwanese and other indigenous languages. When you go to the South, the language changes and so do many of the customs.  In the South there is a greater difference in the customs and habits of the people.

The Taiwan Strait is homearrow to several islands just off the coast of the mainland. The islands of Quemoy, Pingtan, Matxu, and Xiamen all lie just off the coast of Fujian Province in the Mainland of China. To the east of Taiwan Strait are the west coasts of Taiwan and Penghu. Fisherman from all the islands us the Taiwan Strait as their main fishing grounds. The Min and Jiulong Rivers in Mainland China both empty into the Taiwan Strait.

The Taiwan Strait has some of the richest fishing grounds in the area and is used by Taiwan, Japan, and the smaller islands that call the Taiwan Strait home. In recent months, Japan and Taiwan have made an international fishing agreement that worksarrow on making agreements so that all the fisherman can fish in peace.

Taiwan Strait is beautifularrow shells stand at the entrance to the strait and command a lot interest with tourists. This is one of the many areas you will want to see on your next Taiwan vacation.








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