Taiwan And Its Street Markets

Taiwan’s Street Markets

Go to any night market and you will find the best and most unusual street foods and little eats. Hundreds of vendors fill the roads and stalls and locals hang out looking for bargains and special treats. Whole chickens hang from the neck and have the feet still on the bird. The Taiwanese waste nothing and chicken feet is a delicacy.

 Chicken Feet At The Night Market

Chicken feet are a special treat in Taiwan, and one of the favorites of the night markets. They are usually servied deep fried with chili sauce. Considering they are lacking in meat, they often are snacks to have with a beer while you relax. Are you ready to try the unusual?

Tasty Snacks At The Night Market

Hanging sausages and other meats at the market. 

Tables of prepared foods along side of hanging meats ready to go home. Are you ready to cook hotpot anyone? How about a spicy beef soup?

Fresh Vegetables At The Morning Markets

Most of the prepared foods are found in the night markets, but not all. Just the same, most of the vegetable vendors can be found at the morning markets, though every market has a little of everything.

Awesome Vegetables Ready For Sale At The Street Market

My, look at those carrots! And the tomatoes are ready for the salad.

Fresh Noodles For Sale

Isn’t it time for a food adventure? Little eats are hot and ready, day and night, and of course there is plenty of food to take home to cook. While in Taiwan, you will want to try as many little snacks as you can. So grab you pack and hit the streets. Tasty little snacks are waiting?






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Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge

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