Taiwan Travel Photo Reference Guide Part I

Taiwan Travel Reference Guide

Taiwan is one of those places that people don’t seem to know about, and has become an interesting group of native island cultures, Chinese, and Hakka peoples who had came over long ago from mainland China. The racial makeup is really much more complex than even that but it’s still a melting pot of old, and new culture. In the north you have the large metropolitan city of Taipei. This is where most of of the ethnic Chinese live, and the home of the Taiwan government.

From Taipei you can take the high speed train along the south west of the island with many stops along the way. This is the fastest mode of travel, and very comfortable for the distance and price. There are other much slower trains that you can take from the main train station in Taipei depending on what you want to see.

Below you will find a Taiwan directory of previous articles here on Steemit with links to each article page. We hope you enjoy this small Taiwan guide, and hope you will consider a visit when planning your next vacation.

Exploring The Taipei 101

Exploring The Taipei 101

Shopping in TaiwanShopping in Taiwan

Bicycle Trekking in Taipei...What FunBicycle Trekking in Taipei…What Fun

A Fruit Tree Journey Through Taiwan

Jumping For Joy At The Lantern FestivalJumping For Joy At The Lantern Festival

Peaceful Moments In TaiwanPeaceful Moments In Taiwan

Kaohsiung Lantern FestivalKaohsiung Lantern Festival

Mushroom Hunters Of TaiwanMushroom Hunters Of Taiwan

Raw Sugar Cane Juice In TaiwanRaw Sugar Cane Juice In Taiwan

The Tasty Snacks of TaiwanThe Tasty Snacks of Taiwan

Queens Head Rock at Yehliu TaiwanQueens Head Rock at Yehliu Taiwan

Great Hakka Food CultureGreat Hakka Food Culture

The Tasty Snacks of TaiwanThe Tasty Snacks of Taiwan

Candied olives: A Taiwanese SpecialityCandied olives: A Taiwanese Speciality


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Taiwan Travel Photo Reference Guide Part I
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