Taiwanese Flavors: Uniquely Different

Tastes of Taiwan
Oysters on the half shell

Taiwanese Flavors: Uniquely Different

 Taiwanese Flavors: Uniquely Different

Taiwanese flavors , they are unique and different, from  their Chinese beginnings. Taiwan is blessed with a rich cuisine all of its own. This small island is rich in culinary traditions that are totally Taiwanese. Come along with me, as we discover  Taiwanese flavors. They are unique!  They are delicious! It will be an adventure of a life time. So join me as we begin our journey with the humble oyster; Or is he so humble?

Taiwan, as an island nation, gets much of its inspiration from the sea. Drunken Oysters is a perfect example of how the Taiwanese have taken a simple oyster on the half shell and made a culinary experience. This unusual dish features hot off the grill oysters on a half shell with diced cucumber, a dash of  spiracle, and plenty of cilantro. All this is arranged on a half shell and served with authentic Taiwanese beer. Now that is a feast! This culinary delight is exceedingly good and an adventure in Taiwanese fine dinning.

Another culinary temptation is also fresh from the sea. Meet the humble shrimp, as Coconut Shrimp is paired with a pineapple relish and a honey mustard drizzle. This is Taiwanese flavors at its best! Welcome to the world of the street market. Here, the locals have a saying:  “In Taiwan, there is a snack shop every three steps and a restaurant every five,” That is literally pretty true. This is the land of the Street Market and they are everywhere.  Coconut Shrimp is served on a stick and is king of the market. Coconut shrimp is just another example of the many original Taiwanese flavors.

Now lets skip on over to a small dinner and you will see Shrimp as the star in a simple spring role. Take a few prize shrimp and pair them with vermicelli, some shredded lettuce, a dash of sweet chile sauce, a few peanuts and bean shoots. Chop all finally, and mix together and place in a wrapper. They are then lightly deep-fried and drained! These are amazing!  These little spring rolls, will hold their own,  with their Chinese cousins.  Deep in the countryside, in the mountains of Taiwan,  we see yet some more,  of the fabulous Taiwanese flavors.

Why not make this the year that you decide to eat your way across this island nation. It will be an adventure! It will be a chapter in Taiwanese cuisine. It will be an experience, that will make memories. Book your next Taiwanese vacation today. For more distinctly Taiwanese culinary ideas, see our websites:






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