Thailand’s Consumer Fish

Thailand's Consumer Fish
Fish spa pedicure in Thailand.

           Thailand’s Consumer Fish At Work

Thailand’s consumer fish, where the fish are the consumers, and they get the job done!  Are your feet dry and flakey?  Is psoriasis a problem? Are you bothered with eczema? Maybe you need a real, live, pedicure. A pedicure where all the little fishes get together to eat. You need, Thailand’s consumer Fish! Yes, that’s right, the consumer is now paying to be consumed. It’s all in a day’s work for the Garra Rufa fish. Thailand’s consumer fish , commonly known as, Doctor Fish, spend their whole day swimming around in a large tank waiting……for you!

Thailand’s consumer fish vary in size, some as large as two inches long. The larger the fish, the harder the nibble. The harder they work, the more it tickles. But this is not a place to get squeamish or squeally! You have just paid to sit back, relax, and let them work! So grab your phone! Send those texts! Relax with a cup of tea. You have just entered the work zone.

Just what are Thailand’s consumer fish doing for you? This is an ancient and natural treatment of foot massage and pedicure. The fish will not hurt you. They have no teeth. These little fish stimulate the acupuncture points on the feet. This helps to relax your nervous system and your body. Your fatigue will melt away. You will sleep better, reduce foot numbness, have softer skin, and gain a deeper appreciation for the Garra Rufa Fish.

So while in Thailand, head to the beach and get a foot massage. Experience nature’s finest consumers. Grab a book! Sit back! Relax!  The total price to be a fish buffet is only around 9.95 USD. The softness of your feet will last for days! And when Thailand’s consumer fish are done, head to your nearest café, for Thailand’s best cuisine.

For those who just can’t get away and want to try this, I included a link for locations in the USA. Enjoy !


Published on June 30, 2017


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