Thailands Magnificent Elephants

Thailands Magnificent Elephants
Thailand’s Magnificent Elephants

Thailands Magnificent Elephants And Their Mahout

Thailands Magnificent Elephants are a wonder to watch. Wild elephants in Thailand are especially hard to count. The elephant lives in the dense bamboo forests. It is here that they can find a steady diet of grasses, bark, and bamboo. Bamboo is perhaps their favorite culinary dish! They also have a great love for a good banana on the side. A mature adult elephant eats up to 400 pounds of vegetation a day. Most experts in the field estimate that there are between 2,000 and 3,000 wild elephants. There is  about the same number of domesticated elephants in the country.

Thailands Magnificent Elephants in the wild establish tight relationships between themselves and other members of the herd. A calf is raised by all the females in the herd. Like their cousins in the wild, a domesticated elephant establishes a deep and personal bond with his or her trainer. An elephant trainer is called a mahout.  Most trainers raise their elephants from the time they are born. The bond between a trainer and his elephant is priceless. Like all things touched by humans, there have been cases of animal abuse.  Abused animals are not as common as once believed.

Elephants have been of major importance to Asians for thousands of years. They are used for transportation, tourism, and religious festivals. In the past they were used for logging activities. Logging has been banned in most countries of Asia for many years. During religious festivals of every type, elephants play a role. Currently Chabad used an elephant to carry the menorah through the city streets of Bangkok. See the link below.

Working elephants in the hands of a kind and thoughtful trainer are no different from a working dog or llama in the hands of a good and kind farmer. Many preserves use their elephants for taking tourists out on jungle treks. Tourists attend a class on the proper way to ride and care for an elephant. At the close of the article there will be links for joining one of these jungle adventures.

Thailands Magnificent Elephants are a wonder to see. Take time out this year for the adventure of a life time. Learn about this magnificent animal and how to care for him correctly. Go on a planned jungle trek with a knowledgeable mahout. Grab your passport and make your plans today. See you in Thailand in.

Chabad Menorah carried by an elephant through the city:

Elephant Park:

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  1. Elephants are amazing animals. They are so smart and loving. It’s a shame that people exploit them so much.


      I think with modern awareness there has been improvement in allot of areas. Before tourism allot of animals where just worked to death, and not there is much more awareness. However improvement should always be the goal.

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