The Lighthouses Of Cape Elizabeth Maine

                                                            The Lighthouse At Two Lights

The Lighthouse at “Two Lights,” sits on the legendary rocky coast of Cape Elizabeth in Maine, standing tall as it overlooks the rocky coastline. Located just south of Cape Elizabeth near Two Lights State Park are two beautiful twin lighthouses that were built in 1928.  You are able to get close enough for some amazing photo’s, but since it is private property, you can not get up close to the lighthouses themselves.

The Lighthouses at Two Lights are the subject of paintings done by Edward Hopper. They soon became a symbol of a isolation. Edward Hopper painted three major paintings of the lighthouses at Two Lights, and latter a museum poster was made from the paintings and even latter, the government made postage stamps. Hopper seemed to have an almost a prophetic vision as he painted these forlone and lonely lighthouses. They became a symbol for this isolated way of life. Off to the side of the lighthouses are a quaint white keeper’s cottage with gingerbread trim. This is the perfect lighthouses with the more than perfect keepers cottage. These paintings quickly became an icon of American Art. Though Edward Hopper seemed to really like lighthouses, there were none that he painted more than these two twin lighthouses. What a beautiful preservation of Two Lights he left behind!

Maine is famous for it’s many lighthouses and it’s amazing rocky and beautiful coastline. A wonderful tour is available in the area that highlights all the six lighthouses within a half hour drive of Portland, Maine. If you prefer, there are even driving tours that you can embark on that highlight all six lighthouses. One of the six is Portland Head Light, and is the most often photographed of all the Maine lighthouses. Portland Head is Maine’s oldest lighthouse. The lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington.

If you enjoy lighthouses, then Maine is the perfect place for a historical lighthouse adventure. Each lighthouse is unique and completely different from the others. Included in many of the lighthouse tours are stops at museums along the way. Any time of the year is a perfect time for a lighthouse adventure.






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