The Magic Of Playing In The Sand

Playing In The Sand

The Magic Of Playing In The Sand

It’s a day of beach magic! It’s a time of family fun! It is every child’s dream to sit in the wet sand and create. Some just make nice wet sand patties. Others get more involved. Many children build large and unique castles. Others just like the feel of the wet sand between their toes. Whatever delights a child, you can find it on Del Mar Beach in San Diego, California. This is a family beach where the waves are mild and the whole family can safely enjoy one of San Diego’s greatest treasures. Del Mar is magic to those who love her cool wet sand.

Sand, Gentle surf, and California sunshine make Del Mar Beach the perfect place for family adventure. Del Mar Beach is clean, white, and warm! It is the perfect location to just enjoy nature. Children love to sit for hours just playing in the surf. When everyone gets tired of sitting in the surf, then it is time for a long leisurely stroll down the beach. Take your time and keep your eyes on the sand. Who knows what you will find!

Families find the beach perfect for a volleyball game. From younger children to teens, volleyball is a family favorite. Even Mom and Dad can get involved in the magic of this lively and fun game. And when everyone is worn out…. spread a blanket on the sand and relax. It is all part of the magic of Del Mar Beach.

Del Mar has over 17 trails that are family friendly. After your refreshing rest, maybe it is time for a short nature walk on one of these trails. There is lots to see and do at Del Mar Beach. At the close of the day, take time to watch the sun set and then find a small beach-side cafe and treat the family to dinner. Del Mar is the perfect family adventure!

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