The Many Exciting Faces Of Bangkok Thailand

 Wat Arun, The Temple Of Dawn On The Chao Phraya River In Thailand 

Wat Arun is a spectacular Buddhist temple in the Yai District of Bangkok. This amazing temple is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.  Wat Arun is named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. Wat Arun is built in the elaborate Khmer architectural style, and is the tallest temple in Thailand.  It’s enormous prang or tower is over 262 tall.

 Palace Of The King, Bangkok Thailand 

From 1782 till 1925 this was the home of the royal government. The Grand Palace is spectacular and dazzling. No visit to Bangkok is complete without coming to the Grand Palace.

 Old Siam (Thailand Capital) Home And Main Temple For The Emperor. 

If you enjoy history, you will not want to miss Old Siam. The temples are magnificent, though not as well preserved as many of the other ancient temples throughout Thailand.

 Wat Phra Kaew Bangkok Thailand 

This is the Temple of The Emerald Buddha and is located inside the grounds of the Grand Palace. There are
40, 717 temples throughout Thailand and 33,902 of these are in current use. Of all these, the Temple of The Emerald Buddha is the most important.

 Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat In Bangkok Thailand 

This is another one of the unique temples located in the Grand Palace.

 The Stunning And Colorful Glass Mosaics Of Thailand Architecture 

The temples of Thailand are uniquely artistic. They are loaded with gold, colorful glass, and extremely stunning. There is nothing in the world like this beautiful architecture.

 Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan, Known As The Golden Mountain In Bangkok Thailand 

Wat Saket, is commonly known as The  Golden Mountain. This unique temple sits on a hill in the heart of Bangkok. It is in easy walking distance from the Grand Palace.  Each year during the month of November, Wat Saket is host to a sacred pilgrimage. During the pilgrimage the villagers begin the climb to the top of the hill at an unusual cematary and them climb the 300 steps to the top.

Exploring Thailand’s Jungles

Adventurers of all ages will not want to miss out on taking one of the many jungle treks. The jungle is a colorful place that is always alive with a huge number of species of wildlife. You will have the opportunity to hear and see the many birds and animals of the jungle in their own habit. There is nothing in the world that is comparable.

The Good Luck Of A Mahout And His Elephant In Kanchanaburi Thailand. 

The life of a mahout begins when he is just a boy.  He is given an elephant to keep, train, and care for. This is a deep bond that lasts a life time. Only the death of one of them, can separate a mahout from his elephant.

 Fish Spa Pedicure In Thailand. “Nibble~Nibble” 

Are you ready to let skin eating fish give you a pedicure? You will find these little shops throughout the city.  The fish are hungry, are you ready?

Bartering On The Damnoen Saduak Floating River Market In Thailand  

There are five floating markets throughout Thailand, but Damnoen Saduak is best known and is the most touristy. The other four are smaller and usually serve the local population in less traveled areas of the country. This is a piece of the unique history of Thailand, that with modern shopping malls and markets, has been slowly ceasing to be part of the new modern Thailand.

Thailand is an unique country and still has the uniqueness of yesterday alive in today’s world. When traveling, be sure to reach out and touch the past and the present as you travel this beautiful and unique country. The time is ripe for a Thailand adventure. Are you ready?

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