The Outer Gardens Of The Tokyo Imperial Palace

                                          The Outer Gardens Of The Tokyo Imperial Palace 

These magnificent outer gardens surround the residence of the Emperor of Japan. The park like setting of these lush gardens are priceless. All this spectacular beauty is located in downtown Tokyo.  These fantastic gardens are an easy walk from the downtown stop of the Tokyo Train Station. If you are a visitor, there are clear signs that will guide you.

Much of the Imperial Palace is open to the public, including a spectacular art museum, The Tokyo Imperial Palace is divided into several areas, including the main palace, a private residence of the current Emperor and his family, as well as several complexes used for administration.

                                                              The Bridge Crossing The Moat

The current palace is on the former site of the Edo Castle. Scattered around the park like setting are the remains of the ancient Edo Castle. What an amazing park like setting surrounded by massive stone walls. The guard tower provides even more security. This is a magnificent palace. Why not take a walk through these beautiful gardens, and discover the ultimate in peace and relaxation. All this extreme beauty can found in downtown Tokyo.

These spectacular Outer Gardens, at the Imperial Palace,  are the largest public gardens in all of Tokyo. It is filled with magnificent green trees, and cherry trees which flower in the early spring. With the flowering cherry trees and other flowers and bushes that are native to the area, the park is like a small special piece of heaven. All this magnificence is located in downtown Tokyo. It is an easy traveling distance for visitors to the city.  There is no time, that it is not the perfect time to visit. So why not pack your bag and grab your passport. It is time for a Tokyo adventure!


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