The Season Of The Force At Disneyland USA

The Force

Tis The Season Of The Force

Tis the season of The Force. Get ready to be swept off to another galaxy. The Force has arrived in Anaheim, California. When the sun has set, and the lights go on, you will be amazed at the light show. Amazement and curiosity will set in. You will be whisked off to another galaxy to explore the dark side. The light show will excite you! It will draw you into the Season of the Force. What an impressive lighting display. The exhibits will stretch your imagination. Get ready….. for the Season of the Force?

The adventures of Tomorrowland take a back-seat, as the Season of the Force moves in. The days are filled exploring the newest Star Wars adventure…..The Force Awakens.  At the opening of the park, you will want to make a mad dash for a fast pass to Hyperspace Mountain. Then join the crowd in line for Launch Bay. Hyperspace Mountain is only here for the season of the force. You will be able to meet up with an extraordinary X-wing Star Fighter for the thrill ride of the season.

Get ready to be transported to another galaxy. How would you like to be transported to a Death Star? On Death Star you will meet some new and old friends like Darth Vader and Chewbacca. Check out the Star Wars movie memorabilia! It has everything Star Wars. When your finished there, just  hop on over to the Star Wars Launch Bay. Here you are in for a Season of the Force treat! Are you ready?

What can you do at the Launch Bay? For one, this is a place where you can meet up with all your favorite Super Heroes. Even Spider Man agreed to come on over for the season of the Force. Be sure and not leave without meeting a new friend, Thor. While hanging around with Thor, you can actually try on the Ironman suit. Can “cool” get any “cooler?”

Today is the day to make your plans for the Star Wars Adventure of a life time. The kids will love it and Dad will be transfixed. Even Mom will get into the light show. Not even the New Year lights up like that. So tell the boss you’ll see him Monday morning and head on out to Anaheim, California. Here you will find the magic of Disneyland USA! It is the place where dreams begin. Disneyland welcomes……the Season of the Force!

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