There is something about winter that makes me ~ Crave BBQ!


Burgers, Ribs, Chicken, and corn on the cob with loads of BBQ sauce.  Smoky goodness in every bite!

Winter is filled with the smells of Turkey with dressing, and all the fixings; I love them too.

But nothing tastes so good as a BBQ steak grilled to perfection, and can’t I have both?  Please!

No problem how hard can it be?

I stepped onto my snow laden deck from my warm and toasty den, and there is my beloved BBQ Grill frozen in a layer of ice and snow!  “Let me think about this, tap tap tap, still thinking.  I feel like frosty the snowman, -21 F outside and 72 F inside, okay Turkey sounds good to me!”

There is something about winter that makes me Crave Turkey ~ with all the fixings!

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