Major Things to do in Singapore with your Family

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Are you recently brainstorming about going on a vacation with your family? While there are so many destinations that must be there in your mind, Singapore is one such tourist destination that will never fail you. If you are planning an international trip, Singapore is a perfect destination for individuals who wish to visit on a vacation along with kids and family.

Singapore has been attracting several tourists from different corners of the globe each year. Not just the tourist attractions are worth visiting, Singapore is also known to have a flourishing culture and tradition that again attracts a huge crowd.

Whether you wish to have a fun vacation or a relaxing one, Singapore is never going to disappoint you. There is a huge list of attractions that you can have on your travel list while you are traveling to this country depending upon the number of days of your visit and the members with whom you are traveling.

But of course, exploring all the tourist attractions is not possible if you are going on a vacation. Hence, there are some major attractions that you should keep on your priority visit list before you look out for other attraction options in the country.

Gardens by the Bay

Among the major things to do in Singapore, one of the most famous ones is the Gardens by the Bay. This futuristic garden area is the latest addition to tourist attractions of Singapore. The super tree forest and futuristic domes are some of the major attractions that you can witness in this particular garden. You can enjoy the skywalk and many other elements after you have purchased tickets for the visit to the Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore Botanical Garden

The Singapore Botanical Garden is now considered on the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites. As it is a botanical garden, it is home to several plantations and trees. Apart from being a garden consisting of trees and plants, it also has a huge pond inside where you will find white swans swimming.

Apart from being an epitome of natural beauty, this place is also perfect for cycling and other activities.

Major Things to do in Singapore with your Family 3

Singapore Zoo

Once you are here in Singapore with your kids, one of the tourist attractions that you should not miss out on is the Singapore Zoo. The zoo is set up in a rain forest environment and is home to more than 300 species of animals, reptiles, and others. There are several activities that you can do here such as breakfast in the wildlife and others that will surely bring a smile to the faces of your kids. The orangutans here are the major attractions that perform several fun activities for the tourists who arrive here.

Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is another major attraction in Singapore that you should not miss out on while being in Singapore, especially with your kids. The dome-shaped architecture of the forest replicates the weather condition of the tropical forest areas. A zone for horticulture, the Cloud Forest is a perfect example of beauty and education.

While you will experience the beautiful natural environment here worth cherishing, later on, your kids will surely extract a lot of informative ideas that will be beneficial for them in the later stages of life.

Apart from the greenery around, you will also witness other attractions such as sculptures and others that enhance the beauty of the place even more.

National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore is the city’s oldest and biggest museum, reflecting Singapore’s and Asia’s rich history and culture. This museum was once known as the Raffles Library and Museum since it was a part of the Singapore Institution’s library from 1849 to 1887 and had an area of 18,400 sq. m. It is one of the most well-known national monuments, located in a neoclassical structure that has been modernized.

It features a variety of temporary exhibitions, yearly festivals, film screenings, seminars, lectures, and thought-provoking performances in addition to various historical items and permanent & live displays. Although the museum is a historical monument in

the country, its architecture and displays are cutting-edge in their arrangements and designs. 

The Singapore History Gallery takes you on a tour through the country’s history, from its beginnings in the 14th century to the current day. You will learn about Singapore’s remarkable development throughout its 700-year history here.

Aside from the permanent galleries mentioned above, the museum also has temporary picture galleries and world-renowned items on loan from museums all over the globe, displaying anything from ancient Egyptian mummies to fashionable wedding gowns.

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is built at the confluence of five rivers at the Marina Channel. The water in the reservoir remains calm all through the year. This helps in conducting various water sports like Kayaking or group boat racing. You can let loose of yourself and dive in for the sports to have that thrill and adrenaline rush. If you wish to have a peaceful evening, you can also go for a walk on the rooftop. The sunsets here look stunning from the rooftop here.

Families come here to have a peaceful time here while the kids can fly kites and run around the rooftop. The Marina Barrage is responsible for preventing floods in low-lying areas. It is also a powerhouse and generates solar power using 400 solar panels. You can see the solar panels. There are also two museums based on the Sustainable Singapore project. 

Other Attractions in Singapore

While the above-mentioned are some of the major attractions of the country, there are many other spots too worth visiting. Once you have taken a trip to these major attractions, here are some other tourist spots that you can consider too:

●   National Orchid Garden

●   Sands Sky park Observation Deck

●   Super tree Grove

While you are here in Singapore, apart from visiting the tourist attractions, there are also so many other things to do. Taste the local cuisine as well as do not forget to experience the tradition and culture of the country that will surely mesmerize you. Just make sure that you have planned everything in advance so that you do not miss out on the major attractions and things to do while being in Singapore. 

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