Tobacco Fields Blooming In The West Bank

Tobacco plants

Tobacco Fields Blooming In The West Bank

Tobacco fields are a splash of color in the West Bank. The beautiful blooms are everywhere! The desert has come to life! What beauty abounds! Tobacco is a rising star among the Palestinians. Each year, more and more fields are cultivated in the desert for the growth of Tobacco. When it blooms, the desert is alive with color.  The desert is most beautiful when covered by blooms.

Throughout the West Bank, the Palestinians consider the cultivation of Tobacco as one of the answers to their need for employment. The tobacco industry is quickly providing many cottage industry jobs. Growing tobacco is inexpensive and extremely easy. It grows in abundance in the desert, as it takes very little water. It also needs very little fertilizer. It is not affected by the weather! It is easy to market! And most of all, it is profitable!

Many traditional farmers of the West Bank have switched from growing vegetables to growing tobacco. Life can be difficult in the desert and tobacco brings over twice the income as vegetables. Farmers are aware of some of the downsides, such as soil depletion.  Farmers say they can not worry about the soil.  They have children in college, as well as many at home. They need to make a living.

No one supports the Palestinian farmer in a bad year. If his crop fails, he is on his own. When natural disasters come, they loose their whole crop.  He is alone on this desert land. The desert can be brutal. Why not have a crop that is profitable? Why not have flowers that are beautiful? Certainly it is good to have a crop  that likes the desert!

While the conversation continues in the West Bank, we continue to see blooming deserts. What ever the final outcome, you have to omit, the flowers are beautiful! Pale pink and white blooms are everywhere. The desert is alive with color! 

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