Tok–Gateway To Alaska’s Far North

Tok, Alaska
Tok, Alaska

Tok–Gateway To Alaska’s Far North

Tok, Alaska is a winter wonderland! It glistens in the sunlight!  It glows in the moonlight. It is the perfect place to find inner peace.  There is nothing like a winters drive in Tok.  You can always hitch up the sled team and head for the hills. There you can write for hours! The only limitation in Tok, is your own imagination.  Tok is the first major town you come to, when you enter Alaska. It is the welcome center!  It is the junction to many roads.  Tok has major highways connecting you with all parts of Alaska.

Anchorage is only a day’s drive. If you continue another couple hundred miles northwest you will reach Fairbanks.  It is only 5-6 hours south and you will be in Valdez. Valdez is the Switzerland of Alaska.
So what is there to do in Tok? A short drive north on the Taylor Highway is the Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve. Here you can find miles of untouched Alaskan wilderness.  If you like to discover nature, you will love Charley Rivers. If solitude is your hope, look no farther. Charley Rivers is a living geology lesson waiting to begin. Float down the mighty Yukon, or paddle the Charley River. Try your hand at panning for gold. You just might find some.

Winter time in Tok is all about the dogs. Tok is the” Sled Dog Capital Of Alaska.”  Almost everyone has a team.  The residents of Tok like their sled dogs. They raise them, spending long hours in the summer teaching and training them. In the long summer days, the dogs learn how special and valuable they are. In March they get to show the world what they learned. Let the champion races begin!

Tok is a fisherman’s paradise. Try your hand at ice fishing in the winter. In spring, the rivers are waiting for the eager fisherman. Alaska has the best fish in the world. If you have never had wild caught Alaskan fish, you have yet to eat.

So come on up to Alaska. Summer or winter, there is something for everyone. This is the last frontier. Come join us for a real Alaska holiday. So pack your bags and grab your passport. See you there.

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