Tokyo Japan Blends The Old With The New

                               The City Blends In With The Moat Surrounding The Imperial Palace

The unique and elegant Imperial Palace, brimming with living history, stands across the moat from the rising towers of Kokyo’s Marunnouchi District. Here we see the spectacular architecture of the 19th century blending with the high rises of Kokyo’s Marunnouchi District in downtown Tokyo. This all modern Tokyo business district is reflected in the clear crystal waters of the  ancient moat. The moat is lined with the living art of the Japanese Black Pines, patiently pruned into elaborate shapes, along with the other native trees of the area. The moat, trees, and wall, separate this unique blend of 19th Century architecture and ultra modern high rises.

The Imperial Palace sits on the site of the old Edo Castle along with several administration buildings and magnificent gardens. Edo Castle was built in 1603, and was among some of the greatest fortresses in the world. In the 1800’s it was reduced to the moat, walls, and bridges which form the entrance. The park is now also graced with some lovely Japanese buildings, all helping the Imperial family to enter the 21st Century.

Tourists are restricted to touring the gardens, including the Outer Garden, East Garden, and Kitanomaru Park. Tours are given twice daily most days and are free to the public. The tours do not include the inside of the different buildings, which are not open to the public.

The private living quarters of the Imperial family is separated by moats, walls, trees, and guards. This is a beautiful and efficient way to separate the Imperial Castle from the Kokyo’s Marunnouchi District of downtown Tokyo. The two blend together over the crystal clear waters of the moats, while keeping the privacy of the Imperial family. What a splendid and beautiful way to keep The Imperial Palace private from curious tourists and adventurous locals.



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