Toontown Adventure in California USA


Toontown Adventure

Catching a cab at Toontown couldn’t get more exciting! It is time for rabbit adventure. Danger is looming in Toontown.  Look!  There’s a runaway cab heading our way. Grab that cab, and let’s go for the adventure of a lifetime. In Micky’s Toontown, everything is crazy and magical! Whatever you can imagine is here. It is a rabbit adventure and a race through Toontown. All lights are green. Roger Rabbit is full speed ahead. Come on now and watch those dips! Yikes… there went the tires. Now what do we do? We watch as the tires melt. How can we go without tires?  Next, our cab spins wildly out of control. Oh dear, what is next in the wacky world of Roger Rabbit! Roger Rabbit only gives out wacky and wild rides. They are exhilarating! They are fun! This is the thrill ride for the younger members of the family. 

Sometime as you twist and turn, inanimate  characters appear from nowhere. They laugh and carry on hysterically, as your cab is dangerously out of control. They enjoy the minute that finds you going every which way. Surely you will crash and burn! You continue through this crazy town, totally out of control. You are just thinking that maybe Roger Rabbit will gain control, when disaster looms ahead. It is the Toontown power plant and you are headed straight for it. There is nothing to stop you now. And then the crash, the fireworks, and the show of lightening in the sky. Objects appear in many lights, with an evil laugh. You are at the wack-stravaganza. Now the end has come and all of a sudden the wacky cab screeches to a halt. As fast as it started, you have emerged untouched!  You are not hurt! You have emerged unscathed from the wacky and crazy world of Roger Rabbit in Micky’s Toontown……..Disneyland California USA.

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