Travel Funding with Bitcoin

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Travel Funding with Bitcoin

Travel Funding with Bitcoin | Develop a business while traveling the world.

Update Jan Part II 2017

We think it is important to have multiple streams of income within the alternative investments area. Here is what we are testing today today. I will update the links as well, and you can continue to invest within the old economy but it just makes sense to have a percentage in the new economy as well.

  1. Bitclub Network
  2. Trade Coin Club
  3. Ethrade
  4. Swiss Gold Global
  5. Avalon
  6. Genisis Mining
  7. E-Dinarcoin

Do you have any other ideas, and if so please comment here so I can research them out. Our goal is to have 7 solid passive income ideas that you can grow over time, and enjoy your travel adventures.

Update Jan 2017 : Travel Funding with Bitcoin series will continue, and we have been running Bitclub Network almost a year now. This investment has continued to reap small rewards every all year long. Our first share has already broke even and continues to generate returns every day.
These returns have now funded our setup into the new Crypto-coin STEEM and we got in around .09 cents. This has risen to .15 and we keep it in our Steemit account under @exploreTraveler where we write and generate even more STEEM. This combination has worked well in 2016 and will do even better in 2017.

Just a quick note since I have recently discovered where I can buy and store gift cards on my phone. They happen to have American Airlines and Delta Airlines on there so gift cards can be purchased with bitcoin and used for travel. This is a very important resource. From Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart everything is there.

Here is a podcast where we explain some of the ways you can use this bitcoin to travel.

Currently we are testing a new ROBO investment platform that trades the top ten crypto coins each day generating weekly returns and runs automatically. This will enable us to continue building bitcoin for travel around the world. With the price of bitcoin averaging higher year over year it has looking even better over time.

Update July 4th : Bitclub Network gives us the most “Return On Investment” and we have added several other Crypto currencies to our portfolio. Ether, The DAO, and Dogecoin seem to have the most exposure to the rise in Bitcoin prices, and we feel this will offer us a tremendous upside possibility as we move towards the July 9th halving time, and the reduction of bitcoin supply.

Update April 27th : We are still spreading money around and taking profits except for with Amazing 5 since their website went down yesterday just after I wrote my update. We consider these all highly risky and assume the risk. Our focus it now on Bitcoin crypto bank and Bit Club Network for its stability.

With now getting into the secondary crypto currency market, and having the ability very soon to convert to Bitcoin we are looking forward to this giving us returns as well.

April 22nd : Well sometimes two days can make a very big difference. BitWealth offers another opportunity to deal only in bitcoin. They do something called cloud mining, and generate larger returns but for a shorter period of time. So we have move some profits from Amazing 5 over to BitWealth and have started building that up at the same time. Currently we generate $20 per day of bitcoin with this process, and expect to be at $25 by end of next week. At some point we will start generating enough to fund additional mining pools over at the Bit Club Network. We think with $300 a day in bitcoin on average for 7 days per week our business model will need to be expanded to include the mining of Etherium crypto coin. Our current partnership with crowdify should allow us to start mining these new coins in 2016.

April 20th : It’s a very strange world when you can earn more value per day via bitcoin than you can by working in everyday jobs. The latest stats on Amazing 5 are $15.07 per day, and every second day we reinvest $20.00 dollars now. Here is a screen capture showing the payments, and if this continues we will roll the bitcoin from here into bitclub. Total investment is now at $322.00 and rising.

Special Note: Recently we have found a website called CheapAir that will allow you to buy tickets, hotels and more. We will keep you update on this here.

April 12th : For US citizens who want to try this they should be aware that due to USA regulations, BitClub will be limiting their service to non Americans as of May 1st 2016. I believe there will be ways to get around this with legal entities that reside outside of the USA but for now please be aware of the date.

Also the US banking system makes it very hard for me to convert dollars to bitcoin. $300.oo per week seems to be our limit, and that does include for our business. The US money laundering laws seem to be designed to also prevent leaving your countries monetary system for crypto currencies. For us this only represents a 1% stake in our overall plan so the risk is very low, but I guess it is considered a competitor to currencies.

Recently we have taken a small stake in Amazing 5 since they payout in bitcoin, and you can start as low as twenty US dollars. Pays 5% daily for the use of your money, and seems to be doing well. We have setup an affiliate link for your convenience here ->Amazing 5

We are also experimenting with payza and paypal to see if they are viable options for purchasing bitcoin. We still recommend Coinbase wallet and circle as the best US option right now.

Travel Funding with Bitcoin

Years ago when I started traveling for fun, and for business there where not very many options on how to fund my travels. You had to save money, and keep to a strict budget. These days it is easier than ever to open, and internet banking account, online stock broker account, and a few years ago bitcoin mining pools started to attract people on the go. I will concentrate on the bitcoin mining aspect, and how you could consider this as another revenue source to fund your travels.

Bitcoin the crypto currency, and the ability of cloud computing has been able to for mining pools that run in the cloud, but on actual severs around the world. The Bitcoin Pool we use currently is Bit Club Network or Chinese Site Here. You can invest a minimum of $500.00 and there are other options for larger investments if you want more. The pool pays daily, and we really like being able to track the details on a regular basis. Once you have your seed investment in place you can reinvest 50% and the rest is paid out daily. There is also an option to have 100% of your returns reinvested for faster growth if you have the time to wait.

I will add in some payout information on our share in the pool #1 with a $500 investment later to give you a better idea what the returns are. So please check back on the article from time to time.

Since Bitcoin is highly flexible currency it is easy to use while traveling, and you can move it into your banking account for access to cash or use the ATM card connected to your account. I followed these steps to setup  my account fast.

  1. Open Coinbase wallet
  2. Open Circle wallet
  3. Pay the $99 pool fee
  4. Fund my first pool share for $500 USD
  5. Wait 10 days for activity to start
  6. Collect bitcoin from investment or reinvest for 600 days

Now since I have access to our blog site, and social media we can help spread the word, and if you sign up we do receive a small commission to our business account. Click here to setup a free account, and to learn more about this opportunity.

Travel Funding with Bitcoin

It is important to create passive income as a travel blogger so you can travel the world.

Happy Travels,


John J Gentry


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JOHN J GENTRY'S BIO:John J Gentry is a lifelong adventure travel enthusiast and international manager, Philanthropist, and ex-solder. Spent 2011-2015 developing an international team in HsinChu, Taiwan. Early on he spent the better part of the 90’s working with the US Army in Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. For kicks, he studied in Alaska 2008-2010 international history for a greater understanding in his adventure travels. He has had some great experiences, and successes traveling around the world documenting his travels with his family via

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