Travel the World Recipes ~ Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie


Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie, a southern comfort food favorite!

Like the sweet smell of autumn, Kentucky Bourbon Pecan pie warms our heart in a favorite southern holiday tradition.

Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie



1/2   cup butter

1/2   cup sugar

1/2   cup white corn syrup

1/4   cup maple syrup

1/4   cup dark corn syrup

4       eggs slightly beaten

1       tsp vanilla

1/4  cup Kentucky bourbon whiskey

2      cups of pecans



~ Pre heat oven to 425 degrees


In large bowl

Mix butter and sugar till smooth

Add syrups

Add eggs,

Add vanilla

Add Kentucky bourbon whiskey and stir (Do not beat)

Add pecans and stir again


Pour in an unbaked pie shell

And Bake at 325°F  in oven for 50 minutes to 1 hour



 Recipe by Karen Gentry in Kentucky

















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Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie 


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