Tuk Tuk Enters The Thailand Scene

Tuk Tuk or Taxi
Tuk Tuk or Taxi? Getting around the streets of Thailand

Tuk Tuk Enters The Thailand Scene

Tuk Tuk innovation is alive and well in Thailand. The art of small vehicles of transport are being used all over the world. Sure there are times we need to carry more, but most things are done carrying  nothing but our purse or wallet. It is for those times that we have the tuk tuk. It is small. It uses way less gas. It is open and cool.  It lets  the breezes blow through the vehicle. It is covered to protect from sun or rain. It is the mini taxi of tomorrow.  It is the Tuk Tuk!

The tuk tuk is the brain child of the Japanese. They came to Thailand during the Japanese occupation of World War II and have never left. They have replaced the man-powered rickshaw and the petaled rickshaw in many cities and larger villages. The tuk tuk is known and used the world over by many different names. Whether you call it a mototaxi, a tuk tuk or a tok tok, its popularity remains. In Egypt it is used as a source of transportation for the poorer parts of the cities. It has become a symbol of the lower class. It is outright banned in many wealthy neighborhoods of Egypt. In Gaza they are a part of daily life. They smuggle them in from Egypt in pieces and reassemble them.  They are popular in India and The Philippines. They have greatly helped the struggling economy after  Typhoon Yvonne. Throughout Asia they provide a needed service, at a price people can afford. In Madagascar they are a threat to a way of life. The human powered rickshaw is still in use there.  The tuk tuk is unwelcome!  In Italy the tuk tuk is a major player in everyday life. They are extremely popular in the cities and larger villages.  In tourist towns the world over, they are a novelty and are used as tourist taxis.  No matter where you live, the tuk tuk is on the horizon as the taxi of tomorrow. It is fun! It is cost effective! It is the mighty tuk tuk!

On your next trip to Thailand, be sure to check out the tuk tuk. It is a photographers delight! Have you ever tried getting a picture from a speeding taxi? The tuk tuk is the perfect answer to tourist sight seeing. They are affordable. They maneuver traffic jams easily. No one wants to waste half a day stuck in traffic. See the sights without hassle. This is a vehicle that tourists can not get enough of.  Discover the tuk tuk on your next Thailand vacation.




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