Urban Poor Of The Philippines

The Urban Poor
The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Urban Poor Of The Philippines

The urban poor are some of the happiest and proudest people I have ever met. When a typhoon hits your country what is left? If you are blessed, you have life! Maybe you lost loved ones and friends. Perhaps your home is gone. Your job is nonexistent. There is no FEMA to bring you a trailer. There is no unemployment to fill the gap.  But over and over I have heard the words of thanksgiving. They are thankful for life! They begin to gather what they can gather and build a shelter for their families. The four greatest needs are housing, medicine, seeds, and jobs. Most had gardens and orchards, but they too are gone. The working poor have just become the non-working poor. Their jobs are also gone.

The non-working urban poor do not want to stay that way. Yes, they received emergency food and other necessities.  They are grateful for every bit of assistance from the outside. But the greatest gift I have seen is the ability to work again.

Motorbike Taxi
Motorbike Taxi

Some have come in and helped them build homes, but millions more live in what they managed to piece together. That is still a great need.  A few business men, and women have set up little taxi companies for them. These little motors are the greatest blessing I have seen. The cost of these little motors is hardly anything by our standards. To them, it might as well be a million dollars. They have nothing. But for every motor on the road, one more person can feed their family and start again.For every tourist who rides the motor taxis, one more family will have food on the table. For every motel that is rebuilt or repaired,  jobs are created in the service industry. For every street market restaurant that is built or repaired, a job has been created.

The Urban Poor
The Urban Poor

The area has started to rebuild. The Hotels are up and running. The restaurants are serving quality food. The many monuments have been repaired and are ready for the next wave of tourists. The tourists are slowly coming back. These little motor taxis help them to work in the one area that is coming back the fastest–the service industry. The urban poor are ready to work! Now all they lack is you. Over the last week I have showcased some awesome places to visit. The people are ready! They want to show you all that has made the Philippines special. So when thinking of places to go in 2015, consider the many wonders of the Philippines. Visit the little street restaurants, the market places, and get around in the little motor taxis.  Spend a week in the Philippines and help build the infrastructure. The Philippines has so much to offer.  Today is the day to make travel plans for this year.


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