Using Crypto To Travel Part II

When we first wrote about traveling while using crypto around seven months ago it didn't get much traction, but it continued to be viewed hundreds of times later on. With Steemit being searchable by google we started seeing allot of data from our website, and other social media showing interest in the subject. Since habits can change along with crypto changes and travel we thought it was time to explain what is still working for us.

Since we have been using STEEM, Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies for travel for some time we felt it was time to mention how things have been going for us now. Using crypto currency requires some forward thinking and additional thought, but by doing so can allow you to travel at lower cost, and more often if you use some additional tips. We are entering a new era in travel and many people are not even aware what they can or cannot due yet.

"You Need a debit card that allows you bitcoin to rise or reduce in value."

The number one most useful items is by far the shift card, and connecting it to Coinbase. The reason is very simple, and bitcoin rising is that reason. See Coinbase allows the shift card to access your account and your account is always changing. This year has seen a tremendous rise in the purchase power of Bitcoin, and thus allowed us to increase our travel quality, and standard of living. Overseas there will be others, and you need to leverage these opportunities carefully. Another example would be using Bitpay to lock in some purchasing power at a new high or using the gift card angle below. Remember imagine what you think you will need, and plan into the future.

Bitcoin has been the most useful, and has been tested with the following ways.

1. Using debit card from Shift or bitpay and some prepaid cards from coinsbank.

2. Buying gift cards for a particular services.

3. Using online travel with

4. Bitcoin ATM's when you have no other choice but to use cash.

5. Using to purchase hotels and as a reward system.

6. Converting STEEM and SBD into bitcoin also has supported, and financed some of the interest earning to continue moving forward.

So where can you go using Crypto?

Here are a few places we traveled too with the help of STEEM, Bitcoin, SBD, LTC, and ETH.

ExploreTraveler at SteemFest Lisbon Portugal 2017 #5

SteemFest in Lisbon was a major trip for us this year, and cost the most. Combinations of STEEM and Bitcoin ensured this trip, and allowed us to travel in comfort.

Mini Food Adventures in El Paso USA

Roswell New Mexico USA

All over Maine USA

The Mountains of San Jose CA USA

Flying in Juneau Alaska

Through Crazy Storms in Fairbanks, Alaska

Our favorite App is and we use this daily, and for all kinds of shopping. There is another App called Gyfter, and we use it for a few items that the other does not have. We have also heard of some success using the Game Stop gift card to buy other gift cards inside the store. We have asked Walmart management about using their gift card to buy other gift cards and they said yes. However Walmart prevents us from buying more than $10 on the Gyft App.

With all of the new options, and with Bitcoin, and other alt-coins rising your ability to leverage this for your future is growing as well. Think, plan, and prepare, and you can visit and see amazing places, and meet wonderful people.

Using Bitcoin To Buy From Everyday Business

Using Crypto To Travel Part I

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