Wan-li Fishing Harbor In Northern Taiwan

Wan-li Fishing Harbor
Fishing at the Wan-li Fishing Harbor in northern Taiwan

Fishing at the Wan-li Fishing Harbor

Wan-li, a small fishing village in New Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan is busy as the boats come in.  How beautiful Wan-li is! As the boats have arrived with the night’s catch, whole families rush to the dock. Many hands make light the work. There is much to do before the fisherman can go home to rest from the night’s labor. Boats have to be unloaded and then scrubbed down. Nets are mended for the next trip. There is something for everyone.  All hands are on board.  The fish are laid on the dock and the day’s auction begins. The auctioneer’s voice rings through the air. Local business owners have come to get fish for their markets and restaurants. Many come from Keelung’s  Miaokou Night Market. Many need fresh fish to make the snacks that will get sold in the market. Others need fish for their restaurants. Only the freshest fish is served.

Keelung’s Fishing Harbor In The Late Afternoon

The early morning activity died out. The women went home to mend the nets. The children completed the scrubbing of the boats hours before. Their days are spent learning at school. The tourists went to see all the special rock formations that Wan-li is famous for. Not much seems to go on in Wan-li until…….. the arrival of the appointed time.  The children begin arriving with supplies for the boats. The women return with the nets, all mended and clean. Everything is made ready. The fisherman arrives back at the dock, with new dreams in their head. They dream of that special catch! Will this be the night that they catch a big one? Final preparations are made and the boat push-off from the dock. Soon the sun begins to set. What a beautiful sunset!  Squid fisherman turn on the lights for the squid.  The small fishing boats have disappeared from sight. Only the squid boats can be seen. Their lights can be seen far into the night. Even from space, you can see the lights of the squid fishing boats.  Wan-li, a place of incredible contrasts and deep-rooted traditions prepares for the night. The lights go off early, as they will arise early the next morning. Today will re-play itself once again. This is the way of a small fishing village. Wan-li has gone to bed.


Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge

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