Wat Saket: Golden Mountain—Bangkok

 the Golden Mountain in Bangkok Thailand
Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan, known as the Golden Mountain in Bangkok Thailand

Wat Saket: Golden Mountain—Bangkok

Wat Saket is the place for a good view and deep spiritual solitude. The golden mount is one of the famous temple in Thailand. It was built in the early 1800’s. The temple was later refurnished. Here you will gain a fresh view of Bangkok. Wat Saket is a fascinating place with a magnificent view of the city below. Each time you visit Wat Saket, you see something new and different. You leave with a whole new prospective on Thailand.

What a panoramic view there is from The Golden Mountain. Bangkok buildings have such equiset roofs. When on the mount, you get a view of many unique roofs and the greater Bangkok City.  Looking out from the grounds the city seems almost perfect. You can marvel how the old and the new blend. On normal days, the grounds of the temple is extremely quiet and one can hear the chanting of the monks. As you look across the grounds you will see many mature trees featured and many Buddhist monuments.

The temple is open year around to worshipers and the Chedi on the Mountain is home to a Buddhist  relic. Please remember to be quiet and respectful as you spend time at Wat Saket. It is an active place of worship for those who follow the Buddha.  In addition to the many outside places to worship and the Chedi on the hill it has all the typical buildings. Within the compound there is a main chapel, an Ordination Hall and a Library. To get to the top worships need to  climb over 300 steps. The walls  circle the chedi  almost like a snake. As you near the top, you will begin to see bells that ring out regularly.

Wat Saket can be accessed easiest by water ferry or taxi boat.  Go to the last stop and then walk for about 10-15 minutes. Outside the entrance you will find food vendors. They are great if you desire a small snack or a bowl of soup.  The walk up the hill could be challenging for some. It is well worth it. The atmosphere is peaceful and it is by far the best view of the city. So on your next Thailand vacation, be sure to spend some time at Wat Saket. You will be rewarded with the view of the century.




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