Waves Of Color In Petra

Waves of Color

Waves Of Color In Petra

Waves of color are everywhere in Jordan. The sandstone is made up of so many shades of pink, red, blue, and brown. Waves of color are in each piece of sandstone. No two caves or carved architecture is the same. No two deserts are equal. But the one thing that they all have in common is, waves of color.

Sandstone is present throughout all the regions which surround the Rift Valley. Places like Wadi Dana, Petra, and Wadi Rum have amazing deposits of sandstone. Out of this sandstone, a magnificent city of stone was carved. Deserts were created by the elements as the sandstone was ground into sand.  Travel with us through these colorful deserts. Discover the cities of Petra and Little Petra. Admire the many colors as you move from building to building. Check out the caves, in their spender. Explore the Wadi Rum, a desert like no other. Waves of color are everywhere. Adventure is in the making. Take time to explore. Take time to read. Take time to just …..be!

The Mesas of the Wadi Rum and Wadi Dana were formed where the fault lines intersected with each other. These beautiful mesas are usually made out of white sandstone. The beautiful gorges were created when the natural forces of wind, rain, and sun came together. Mesas or tables were made. Valleys became wider and Mesas larger. All were the work of the natural forces of erosion. Mesas became painted mounds. Mounds made in the desert. In all places and at all times, nature continues to paint. Waves of color are amazing!

These magnificent colors of rocks are the first thing you see. Next are the astonishing carvings of the Rock City. Waves of color vary between yellows and orange, red and grey. There are brown tones with blue and purple. All these colors were formed  by the many deposits of iron and manganese. The colors of the sandstone are many shades of each of these major colors. Place yourself among the caves. Explore the city! What would you do? How would the colors affect you? Waves of color are everywhere. Adventure is in the air. It is time to explore the Wadi Rum, and Petra. Come join us in the deserts of Jordan, where waves of color beacon. Join us in the desert where Bedouins invite you for tea. Explore the Wadi Rum with us. Walk in the steps of Lawrence of Arabia. Immerse yourself in the daily life of a ancient people. Take a jeep ride out into the Wadi Rum. Watch the colors change, as the sun rises and sets. Spend the night in a goat haired tent. Watch the colors change throughout the day. Explore the Rock City from the back of a camel. There is nothing you can not see. Today is the day to join us in the desert. You will be captivated with the colors of nature. No need to paint. It is done!

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