Waves Of Wild Lupines Fill The Fields Of Maine

                                                                    Beautiful Wild Lupines

By far the world’s greatest flower show is not in the gardens or the centers, but in the roadsides, the by-ways, the hillsides, the meadows and fields of Maine. Welcome the beautiful Wild Lupine! During the two weeks or so that it is blooming, it seems to come up everywhere. They are like magnificent colorful spears throughout the state. They grow in any weather, and in almost any soil. They are hardy and extremely fragrant. This strong fragrance is sweet, but with a touch of spice.

This fantastic and bountiful flower is not native to Maine, in fact it is a possible West Coast native and grows up to five feet tall on the West Coast. We are really unsure of where they came from, but possibly in the early days of our country they were seen as a food source. Perhaps they came from some European country. They have pods with pea size seeds that have more than four times the protein than a grain of wheat. Maybe in hard times, they were eaten or even saved, like we save wheat. So many possibilities and theories are out there about their origin, but for sure we know one thing. Maine is blessed with many Lupines, that are wild and free in every meadow and on every hillside. They line the country roads and create spontaneous beauty and amazing fragrance.

These spectacular wild flowers that grow in some of the poorest conditions, are not so beautiful in the garden. They need to be planted in mass, as each one blooms once and then dies. Most gardens get too good of soil and much too much care. So leave the wild Lupines free and wild in the meadows and hillsides of Maine. This is where they thrive, and you are welcome to come enjoy them each year. The welcome mat is always out!


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