Work Life Balance In Southern Taiwan

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance In Southern Taiwan

Work-Life Balance is a way of life in Southern Taiwan. Imagine taking a trip across the water and keeping up on your social media! That is possible now on most trips. After a hard week, it is nice to sit back and just enjoy the trip. It is a plus. when you can enjoy the company of friends as well. This is the new Taiwan! Work-Life Balance is fast becoming a major part of the workplace in Taiwan. Many companies are starting to offer mini vacations to their employees. This is helping the overall productivity in the workplace. Happy employees stay on the job!  Work-Life Balance is a Taiwan goal!

Employee wellness is starting to be of major importance to major corporations.  Work-life balance programs are starting to be part of the job package.  Major corporations are starting to add gyms, swimming pools, and other fitness activities. What has been commonplace in the West, is now a part of Taiwan life. Subsidized aerobics and yoga courses are starting to be a popular perk in the workplace.  Employees with a good work-life balance, are happier and stay longer with a company.

In recent years, Taiwan has been moving from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy. During this change, people have had to sacrifice their personal and family life for their job. All this is changing! Life is becoming pro-family! Many companies in Taiwan are starting to offer work-life balance programs. On-site daycare is popular with families with children. The government of Taiwan is also behind this change in policy. It is sponsoring a program that highlights corporations that excel in this area. They look at the companies vacation system, their flexible work weeks, employee wellness programs, and how family-friendly a company is.

The next time you are traveling in Taiwan, check out their work-life balance programs. They are a model for the world! Notice how content the society is! A content society is a healthy society. So enjoy your next Taiwan adventure. Mingle with some of the nicest people in all of Asia. Enjoy the new Taiwan!

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