Wrangell: Another Alaskan Paradise


Wrangell: Another Alaskan Paradise

Wrangell, Alaska, is an island community  nestled at the mouth of the beautiful  Stikine River. What a beautiful location! Wrangell is an  authentic Tlingit island community. Immerse yourself in the unique and pristine wilderness of Wrangle, Alaska. Wrangell is often called  the “Gateway to the Stikine River”. Here you will find friendly people who love to share their island and the delights of the Tlingit culture.

Take time to wander among the ancient petroglyphs. Can you imagine a simpler time when they were carved? Think about the people, and what their life may have been like. Explore the Wrangle Museum for a window into the life of the native Tlingit. Visit Chief Shakes Island and the Tribal House. Walk through Kik-setti Totem Park. Look at the many carved totems and see if you can read the story behind the carving. This is living history! It is the story of Wrangle!

Explore Shakes Glacier and its icebergs. What amazing beauty! Check out the fantastic history of the Wrangle area. Listen to the tales of the gold rush. Can you hear the honky tonk piano? Check out Anan Bear And Wildlife Observatory. This is the place to be in July and August. Observe the Brown and Black Bear. Watch as they move about in their natural habitat. See how they care for their young.  When you get tired, you can stop and soak in a natural hot springs. Imagine soaking with unmatched beauty and wilderness surrounding you. Now that is paradise!  If you still have energy, you can explore the Tongass National Forest. It is pure unmatched beauty!

Wrangle has plenty of opportunities for romantic dining overlooking the water. What a beautiful way to spend the evening. After an awesome dinner it is time to relax for the night in one of the many lodges in the area. Wrangle has lodges that are cultural, rustic, and modern. What ever you are looking for, you will discover it in Wrangle.




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