Wuli‬ Pavilion at Lotus Pond in ‎Kaohsiung‬ ‪‎

Wuli PavilionWuli‬ Pavilion at Lotus Pond in ‎Kaohsiung‬ ‪‎

‪‎‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion at Lotus Pond is a symbol of good fortune. It is a place of peace!  If you enjoy all the different temples, this is a must stop!  If you are on a Taiwan adventure, you do not want to miss out. ‪‎‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion is beautiful!  It is simple elegance! ‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion is a symbol of prosperity! It is peaceful! Lotus Pond is the best! It is one of the most fascinating places in Taiwan.  Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Lotus Pond is one of the craziest places on the island.

Travel to Southern Taiwan ! You will be amazed at what is waiting for you at Lotus Pond. Stunning Temples abound!  An extraordinary Dragon Temple awaits your exploration! Extravagant Pagodas and the beautiful ‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion are waiting! ‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion  is just one of the pavilions you will see. Symbols of good fortune are everywhere. Temples of Prosperity await! Some are elegant and others quirky. This is the time to embark on a Kaohsiung adventure! Let it begin at Lotus Pond.

Many locals consider this to be the perfect place to visit. It is dynamic! It is serene! Lovers like to take a stroll, hand in hand. The walk around the lake is profoundly amazing! Bikers enjoy the adventure! Many enjoy sitting and relaxing under the ‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion . Buddhists come to their favorite temple to pray. There is something for everyone at the pond!

Tourists are valued and you are welcome to see the many exciting temples and other structures. We must always remember that these are active places of worship, so a quiet respectful behavior is appreciated by all. Many come here after a hard day at the office. They come to catch a taste of the calming spirit of the area. Others come here to pray. Some come to sight-see. It is an amazing area. Smell the aroma of the Lotus flowers. Gaze on their beauty. Explore the deeper meaning of these flowers! Ponder on life! Whatever you are looking for, it will begin at ‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion. Here you can relax and get your bearings. It is the perfect spring-board to a Kaohsiung adventure. So, get your walking shoes on! It is time to explore Lotus Pond. We will meet at ‪‎Wuli‬ Pavilion!


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