Yilan Plain, Taiwan

Yilan Plain

Yilan Plain, Taiwan, also called Lanyang Plain, is in northeastern Taiwan. Shaped in the form of a fan or triangle, it is called an Alluvial Fan. This unique shape was formed by the sediment of the Lanyang River. The sediments of the Lanyang River created the plain in the shape of an almost equilateral triangle. This unique shape has made transportation in the region extremely easy to develop and is very tourist friendly. The excellent transportation available has facilitated a steady rate of growth in the area. The Kavalans, one of the Aborigine Tribes, make up a large part of the population of the plain. The local residents are known for being very friendly and helpful to tourists.

Yilan Plain is the smallest of three plains in Taiwan and covers about 320 square kilometers or an area slightly smaller than Philadelphia. Yilan County is extremely picturesque and a favorite area for Taipei residents to get a way from the pressures of city life for the weekend. You will find Jiaoxi Hot Springs and several national parks are well developed. Tourism was given a boost by the completion, in 1996, of Hsuehshan Tunnel. Hsuehshan Tunnel connected Yilan and Taipei and a two hour car drive was shorted to 30 minutes. Tourism, since 1996, has really grown rapidly in the area.

Yilan Plain is semi-tropical and is warm and pleasant all year long. Most of the year the temperatures are in the 80‘s with January being the coolest month. Temperatures can often drop into the low 70‘s in January. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. July and August are called the dry season, though on occasion a typhoon brings storms of heavy rain to the region.

Transportation between Taipei and Yilan is regular through-out the day.

From Taipei to Yilan

By Bus:
From Taipei Main station, you may board Yilan express buses directly to Yilan. Travel time is 1hr. Fare in local currency is 120 – 180 TWD.

By Train:
From Taipei train station, board the train directly going to Yilan. Travel time is 1hr 30mins. Fare in the local currency is 200 – 250 TWD.

For local travel in Yilan, there is a car-rental service that also provides a driver. You can reserve your car and driver by calling: Yilan Car-rental Center. TEL:(03)9220428

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Jiaoxi Hot Springs and national park and scenic area information:



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