Yuen Po Street Bird Garden Hong Kong

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden: Where Locals Meet

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is located in a traditional Chinese garden. The garden is park-like and filled with Chinese moon gates, colorful flower beds, a beautiful stone courtyard, large lovely Willow trees, and a fantastic Lotus Pond. There is a lovely hand carved marble mural with approximately 100 different types of song birds carved into it. Park benches fill the park, filled with the songbird owners, and their beautiful birds in ornate bamboo cages. They bring them here to socialize with each other, hanging the cages on the tree branches. Indeed, the air is filled with the many songs of the song birds.

The young and the old can be seen relaxing in the park, while their birds sing proudly for visitors and locals alike. Serious breeders exchange ideas on bird rearing and the techniques of breeding. Still, there are others that let the birds out smart each other in song, while they play a game of mahjong.

With-in the market there are over a dozen sellers with different varieties of birds for sale. Here you will see Finches, Parakeets, Love Birds, and every kind of Parrot. You will also find the beautiful ornate cages and live bird foods at Yuen Po Street Bird Garden.

So whether you come with your bird, come to buy a bird, or just want to enjoy the music of the song bird, come on out to Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. It is the place to be in 2015. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is open daily from 7am to 8pm. The best selection at the market is in mid-afternoon when the elderly open their stalls.

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
Yuen Po Street
Prince Edward, Kowloon

The market can be reached by Mass Transit Railway. Get off at Prince Edward Station. It is a 10 minute walk to the park entrance and the way is well marked.



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